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Fee Schedule


Each initial client communication concerning a new trip begins with a discovery call free of charge that could take anywhere from 15 minutes up to an hour.  If, after the call,  we agree to work together and want to move forward, then the estimated non-refundable travel consulting fees are collected as follows:


Airline Tickets Only:

$50 per ticket per person

Customized land itinerary:

Minimum $300 for up to four people in the same family. The fee for each additional traveler, over 2 years of age, is $50 per person. If an itinerary requires air tickets, the air ticket fee is $50 per ticket per person. 


Hotel only:

No charge if the client specifies the exact Virtuoso or preferred partner property.

$50 charge per property to research and/or book other accommodations.


Cruise or Escorted Tour:

$50 per person


Any Rail, hotel or other supplier that does not pay a commission:

15% of the cost of that portion of the itinerary.



Depending upon the complexity of the trip, be it customized or a pre-structured tour, will determine the fee.  This will  be discussed with the group leader at the initial discovery discussion.   Minimum $150 per person. 





*MARUCCI TRAVEL fees cover the time involved for consultation  including  air and land segments, private travel arrangements, preparing destination information, recommending and organizing daily activities, making dining reservations, itinerary and document preparation and presentation, and anything else you may desire or require.


 * Fees are charged once the Credit Card Authorization Form is received and planning commences.


 *Price quotes are applicable to the date and time at which they are requested and cannot be guaranteed until confirmed. Quotes in a foreign currency are subject to fluctuations in exchange rates and International credit card issuer fees.


*Travel insurance is highly recommended to protect you and your investment.


 MARUCCI TRAVEL is not liable for any additional costs or fees resulting from traveling without insurance.

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