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A Dispatch from the Editors: Calling All Glampers

~Grown-up fun~

On a recent trip to the Four Seasons Resort Los Cabos, writer Paul Feinstein channeled the glory days of childhood summer camp – with some much-appreciated adult upgrades. Read more about his week at Camp Verano, filled with dune buggies and passion-fruit margaritas, below. Plus: Rome’s glittering new hotel and four eye-catching cruise ships hitting the seas soon.



Designer Sabina Savage shares what she’s been loving lately.

Packing: If I’m heading somewhere hot, I’ll pack a few swimsuits, my Sabina Savage pareo and silk robe, and my Ancient Greek sandals. It goes without saying that I always take several scarves too! They fold flat and are so lightweight and versatile.

Reading: My current obsession is Shirley Jackson; she wrote a lot of short stories, and her work is unsettling and often macabre. I’m currently reading her novel The Haunting of Hill House. I've had similar infatuations with Angela Carter and Graham Greene.

Planning: I’m longing to return to Japan. The Kumano Kodo trail has been a dream of mine for a few years now. I love travel that includes a journey of some kind, whether that’s island-hopping, a walking trip, or a cycling tour.


Celebrity chef Kwame Onwuachi’s new restaurant at Salamander Washington, D.C.opens this fall. We’re currently splurging on Gobi’s cashmere travel sets for kids and stocking up on Italian staple Fabbri’s sweet syrups, whichare now shipping worldwide. This story on Japan’s fascination with cats is a touching read. For a fun scroll, browse NSKYC, which shows the colors of the New York City sky, with updates every five minutes.


Ready to travel? Let’s go.


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